Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Referring to the important matter of stopping online discrimination against shut-ins

Dearest glorious Facebook (FB) leaders, (without whom we would be knocked back to stone age tribalism)

I have now received 2 gentle warnings from you that I have many outstanding friend requests and should cancel them all and that I should only be friending people I know well offline. Um, Why? I'm not a scammer or a spammer just a stammerer.
Please stop discrimination towards people like me with social anxiety. I can't meet people offline. The non-techno-phobes in my mental health team tell me it can be great for my psyche to interact with people and if it is mainly online, then that is far better than depressing loneliness.
Do I friend people on FB I don't know offline? Yes, yes, yes! Is it against Facebook policies? I don't know, because like most, I have not read the terms & conditions. And I think that you can just shut down my page without giving me any warning or fair trial. It is guilty without any ability to be proven innocent. Perhaps there is an appeals system I'm not aware of; but I have heard from some of my more extreme FB friends that they have been just shut down. They of course just set up another account under a false name!
I do like regulated capitalism, but one of the biggest problems with multi-national mega-corporations who don't really answer to anyone is that they are amoral and have no imperative to care about their customers unless it hurts their business model. But wait; I'm not even a customer of Facebook. It's a free service and I am merely a tool for the real customers, right?
When I see people on Facebook spewing out hate speech like the frigging Shermon Tank from UPF, it's a bit rich to tell me to stop friending people I don't know in the real world, no? I won't read your T&Cs or your T&As so I don't expect you to read my draft manifesto.
I promote Peace, love, harmony, humility & kindness. But I am a nobody. A mostly benevolent microscopic bacterium that you can easily eradicate with your mega-corp anti-septic and anti-skeptic chemical spray.
I have had a great experience overall on Facebook so I will like, comment, share and poke you all and would love to send some of the FB elites friend requests too! There is always the block button if I am not following my own guidelines. Facebook is a great platform and, along with the even more glorious Google, the closest thing that we currently have to a global consciousness. 
Partly because of technology, I am greatly optimistic about the future and with your purchase of the Oculus Rift, you too are visionaries! So please don't delete my account! As per your recommendation, I have set up a FB group page to promote my philosophy.

Thank you and I loves you all,
Dave Chaffey, the science-based absurdist neo-hippie mental health advocate & patient

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