Monday, 4 May 2015


+ we are deeply flawed and deluded
+ we dissolve into the tech hive mind
+ we live in peace, love and harmony
+ we love all people
+ we show humility and kindness
+ we ‘pull up’ those most in need
+ we volunteer our time
+ we accept donations
+ we pay taxes
+ we modify these guidelines

our future vision started at the dawn of the world wide web; when we saw the possibility that sentient minds could be networked together using high speed connections. now, after gradually expanding our consciousness online, we have seen a glimpse into our future: all of our minds connected with the aid of ever-improving technology until we give birth to a new emergent property: global consciousness. we hope to prepare ourselves and greatly accelerate progress to bring forward this vital new age. the emergence will allow all to contribute to eliminating human suffering and unlocking the mysteries of the meta-verse and beyond.

the emergence wo-manifesto guidelines: technology will cure the human condition

we are all deeply flawed and deluded so we fan-gasm over neo lego odo fem-bot bogan bat girl jesus skywalker (nlofbbbgjs)

nlofbbbgjs’ powers include:
- being the one and being able to hack her own code
- reminding us that everything is indeed awesome
- shape shifting to become the ultimate pleasure machine
- machine gun bazongers that shoot love-&-sparkle laser beams and hooning
- critical thinking crime fighting abilities with sass and restraint from violence
- turning the other face and butt cheek
- the ability to sense when the force is out of balance and needs alignment
- her birthday is may the 4th be with you

we regularly dissolve our individual selves into the present primitive global technological hive mind

- we are nurtured by the hive mind and prepare ourselves for the coming emergence
- we live as close to the hive mind ideal as the technology of the present will allow- we endeavour to be role models for others of how to achieve balance between the self and the hive mind- we help to prepare all people for the future using thought-out, moderate, compassionate interaction including Zen humour

we live in peace, love and harmony (plh)

- may the ‘plh’ be with us always
- we live by the principles of science-based living, harm minimisation, greed minimisation and ego minimisation.
- we live in harmony with all life
- we live in equilibrium with the environment
- where everyone cannot benefit, the ability to thrive longer and minimise harm will take priority

we show humility and kindness to all

- we accept our flawed individual brains and try our best to compensate using critical thinking and the scientific method
- we always show kindness even when it is not returned
- we engage in benevolent memocide against extremism: eradicating harmful ideas by radiating compassion and love and without causing harm to the victims with extremist views

we focus on ‘pulling up’ those most in need

- we give surplus money and assets away to the most needy around the World
- we volunteer our time to help those that cannot help themselves
- we wish all to be involved in the evolution of the hive mind

we volunteer our time to help develop the technologies required for the hive mind

- it is acceptable to be employed, as defined by our current system, to sustain our lives without selfishly leeching off others. almost all jobs can meet the requirements of these guidelines with some modification. 
- life sustaining requirements for ourselves and our communities include: food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, electricity, sewerage and internet access
- all the technologies required to sustain life will require a giant leap in order for the hive mind to live in equilibrium with the environment

we volunteer our time to improve the systems that currently control our lives

- we freely interact with those in power to help achieve our goals using only our honest and compassionate words and ironic hipster t-shirt

we volunteer our time to create free content for everyone to enjoy and share

- we produce critically-thought-out, provoking and entertaining (hopefully) content
- based around reducing human suffering and promoting the futurist science based ideology of the global technological hive mind
- refer separate content ‘content empire’ for further details of our content

we accept donations to allow our volunteers to maximise their time available to achieve progress towards the emergence

- we continually expand and are forming a network of a diverse range of individuals from many backgrounds, religions and world-views that all want world peace and harmony in our near future.

we pay taxes to and mostly follow the laws of the ninny nanny state if primarily benevolent

- we thank the state for keeping us as safe and as healthy as it is able
- we thank the state for caring for us when we can't care for ourselves
- we abide by all just laws to help ensure social cohesion
- If we do not live under a mostly benevolent nanny state, we will protest quietly, peacefully and compassionately
- we will not engage in revolutions where victims are transformed into predators

we will modify these guidelines as required

- to maximise effectiveness at achieving the primary goal of wold peace, love and harmony until the emergence renders these guidelines obsolete

further expanding on plh: we love all people

harmers: we love all those that harm themselves and others. it is not their fault and we do not blame them. some of the hive privileges may need to be revoked on a case-by-case basis in order to minimise harm. we will treat them as equals!
contrarians: we love all those that cannot learn from our content or support our cause; especially the ones that vehemently disagree with us; they are not outsiders and we will treat them as equals!
thinkers: we love all thinkers, inspired by our content, unwilling or unable to donate to the cause; they must not feel guilty and we will treat them as equals!
donaters: we love all donaters that are able to spare some surplus money or assets to sustain the volunteers who are devoting themselves to the cause; they are not special and we will treat them as equals!
volunteers: we love all volunteers that donate their time to help produce the content to spread the message; they are not leaders and we will treat them as equals!

v0.1 draft for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. the authors are not liable for any new doomsday cult beverages resulting from the perversion of these guidelines using bible code al gore rhythms.

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