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Start of their sojourn
Yes, this is the same band! It's ironic that they have nothing interesting to say about their own journey.

$490 to charity as a thank you to my online hive of friends that have yet to block me

(And $10 as a thank you to those who have blocked me in disgust...)

World Food Program:

Why the Friar Tuck am I giving money away? It goes against every fibre of my being... Watch the video and that might help explain a little.

How to REALLY get the party started #Lead #Follow #Repeat
Posted by Koyote on Sunday, 28 December 2014

Then perhaps donate a small amount & share your views on charity to the world? A tiny 50 cents per person I've connected with online would more than double it past $1000, then only about $999,999,000 to reach our emergence goal of $1 billion... easy squeezy David Campese!

Rugby player David Campese. Only relevance is that his name rhymes with easy...
Or do nothing. It won't really adversely affect me. Most of us will continue living either way (and pretending that we are above watching trashy reality TV marathons and eating 'junk' food mixtures out of buckets). No one is going to guilt us into giving away our hard-fought-for excess money that we will be taking with us to the after-life to show whatever deity we believe in how awesome we are, right?

In the past I've given to Doctors Without Borders and they are great. (Sorry if I'm not using the French name like I should considering my general snobbiness level. I just can't pronounce it to the satisfaction of the French stereotype voices inside my head. je suis désolé)

But the World Food Program (WFP) was brought to my attention by a dear but deeply mis-guided friend who is going to meditate in solitude and chat with ETs to solve the world's problems. I'm taking a slightly different path...

If you need celebrity endorsements, then Brad Pitt is a supporter. The band Journey are supporters too. You can insert your own joke about the Pitt/Jolie dynasty but without Journey, the TV show Glee would never have existed, so nuff said. I can just drop the mic and walk off-stage.
WFP do seem pretty good at doing something about the over 20,000 people that die of hunger and related disease every day. That is a tough number for any of us to fathom surely. I still suspect the actual figure might be lower, but what figure would we be happy with besides zero? We do know that the number has been trending down. This is one of the many metrics used as evidence that there is cause for optimism and that a lot of the 'good old days' memes and 'the world is falling apart' memes are just click-bait with little correlation to reality.

So why not just let the do-gooders sort out the world and we'll kick back and grow our 'Mad Dog' Morgan beards, discuss how much better LPs sound than Neil Young's Pono and be afraid of threats like terrorism that are less likely to happen to us than being eaten by a shark flying through the air being ridden by Ian Ziering.

How mad was he?
The voices in my head are telling me that, by giving to charity, I've just done the equivalent of dowsing one of my music synthesizers in petrol and setting it on fire, then the fire spreading to burn the entire house down. It wouldn't be cool like the Makemakes' burning piano. (Austria's entrant in Eurovision 2015)

You see, I'm not by nature a charitable person... Even writing this short-ish post has taken me more than 10 times longer than it should because I'm struggling with why I've given money away. But my 'higher' self has realised that, as bad as my life seems now and even if it gets much worse, I'm probably not going to die of a preventable disease and definitely not malnutrition! Forget about a spare tire, I'm carrying around a spare pink Leyland P76.

If you're feeling generous too or just want to give some money away or want to big note yourself to your other pretentious friends or want to partially reject capitalism or have voices in your head telling you that money is the Bieber's plaything or just heard a corporate pop song ironically singing about it not being about the money or your cash mattress is getting a little bit lumpy or you're disappointed by Apple's new direction and are boycotting their lack of innovation or maybe you might actually selflessly care about the well-being of all humanity, then donate and post in my comments thread and share if you like.

It is highly unlikely that a small amount will make your life worse! Is one less "Austrian goat milk double-half-caf-half-decaf-soy milk cappuccino - extra hot - with a dash of Madagascar cinnamon and half tablespoon of caramel-latte-frappa-mocha" going to ruin your day?

References & Nickelback

Evidence so you don't think I'm chucking a Belle Gibson:
Cancer? What cancer?
Statistics to argue over instead of actually doing something...

Drink up! something like 2 to 3 times as many die of hunger and related disease 

Evidence that the band Journey are awesome, if the music wasn't enough...

Disclaimer: We are looking for some kind of donation accepting non-profit model that allows us to create free content & live modestly, but half of anything that we get for The Emergence Start Now movement will be given to an approved charity. But that is for the bold future; probably in a post Star Wars Ep7 world.

is this really happening?
Peace, Love & Harmony to you all. Even Chad Kroeger...

Actual Nickelback lyrics: "It's not like you to say sit; good dog"

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