Thursday, 25 June 2015


But you can make it slightly less unfair...
"Don't you feel helpless sometimes. You research the information about the world situations that are happening, or have happened, and you realize that there is so much evil shit going on and you need to tell so many people to just take a step back from all the bullsh*t and research the whole bigger picture. But they've got their heads so far up their asses, that all they hear (to them), is a pile of sh*t." Justin Ellis

Justin's words echo how many of us feel at times

I have been diagnosed with major depression but still have great hope for our future. Those with minor depression or no depression should be able to come to the same conclusion by looking at the trends.

Most famous Hope in the world!
I think most people are basically good within their own tribes anyway. If they weren't, our species wouldn't still be around.

I started my emergence movement to try and encourage me and others to think outside our own tribes and start making the global community a reality. Also I want to break through the helplessness that many of us feel by focusing too heavily on the evils that me get bombarded with.

I don't blame anyone for giving up and just caring for their own kin. But this won't fix the world and there are many out there who have some spare capacity but they just need a direction to walk the trek to a global consciousness in harmony with the environment and populated by equals.

The first steps are easy:

- 1% of your income to a charity that doesn't benefit your tribe

- 1 volunteer hour per week helping people that can't help themselves outside your tribe

- 1 kindness bomb per day trying to brighten up someone outside your tribe who is in pain or angry and not showing you kindness back

If you don't think the emergence is on the right track, then join my Facebook group and help me to improve it.

Peace, love & harmony through humility, kindness & technology...

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