Wednesday, 1 July 2015


WHO ARE YOU? We are the emergence. You are the emergence too. Why are we asking ourselves questions?
YOU HAVE A NAME, RIGHT? Yes. The Chaffey gut bacteria culture empire that controls my parents’ minds unoriginally named my biological container David Phillip. But this is a very imprecise definition of who I am.
GREAT! NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. THANK YOU. WHAT DO YOU DO? We regularly dissolve into the technological hive mind to spread peace, love & harmony through humility & kindness. This is only currently possible through primitive social networking platforms such as Facebook and Cloob where we reach out to both lovers and haters. As the technology of human-machine interfacing improves, it will become possible to directly communicate with other human minds.
RIGHT... SOUNDS TO ME LIKE YOU ARE RATHER DELUDED. DO YOU ACCEPT THAT THIS MIGHT BE THE CASE? Yes. We are all deeply flawed and deluded. It is part of the human condition that we must endure during the transition to the global consciousness; or the singularity as some of you call it.
WHAT GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS? LIKE HIPPIE NEW AGE LET’S ALL MEDITATE AND DO TELEPATHY? Yes and No. The missing element is the technology to make global mind melding truly possible. The internet is the current primitive version that fails to come up to spec but will improve over time.
SO ARE YOU PROPOSING SOMETHING LIKE THE MOVIE THE MATRIX? Yes and No. We will not be slaves. We will all be one. Our frail biology will merge with more robust technology. Robots won't crush our burnt-out skulls. We will all evolve into a new emergent property: global consciousness with powers that we cannot imagine. Our current puny human brains are a network of brain cells that have the emergent property of consciousness. The next level of consciousness evolution will be a global network of brains connected together through technology similar to how the internet networks computers together now. A project such as Wikipedia is a good example of the kind of collaboration that will be greatly enhanced as our brain networking technology improves. Do not worry if you cannot fathom this future. It is not detrimental to your ability to thrive in the current society as long as you remain able to adjust to the gradual improvements in technology and do not start throwing sabots into the wooden gears of textile looms to break the cogs.
ARE YOU NOT ALSO A MENTAL PATIENT? WHY SHOULD ANY SANE PEOPLE NOT JUST WRITE YOU OFF AS CRAZY? They are free to do this. We are hopeful for a bright and peaceful future and do not wish to harm anybody in the process. Some will laugh off our ideas and continue on with their lives of probable futility. That is fine. The Universe is absurd. There is no reason to believe that there is any ultimate meaning at all.
RIGHT. BUT WE STILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOU! If you wish for something more compatible with our present culture, then just read Dave Chaffey's LinkedIn profile:
You may find all the answers you're not looking for in the emergence Facebook Group
THANK YOU FOR FREAKING US OUT! Peace Love & Harmony through Technology, Kindness & Humility.

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