Friday, 24 July 2015


I had been unable to sit down and squeeze out an opinion on this issue, but now I'm in position and ready to scat. How can we have equal rights for all when we still segregate public bathrooms? Not everyone neatly fits into 1 of 2 gender boxes. Gender appears to be a spectrum and is fluid; just ask my dear partner if they think I'm all 'man' all the time! I wear a 'ladies' t-shirt nightie to bed, have moobs and belong to a local witch coven.
That's me on the right
Will there be a future where everything is gender neutral and gender fluidity is not a 'trigger' concept causing emotionally charged internet rants about 'real women' and 'real men'? Some ideas about our possible future:
- People could, of course, still be defined as having either XX or XY sex chromosomes but this in no way would define who they are as a person or how they would be treated by society
- We could all go to the public toilet together to powder our noses while pooping. There would be one queue to bind us.
- Toys wouldn't be segregated; so there would hopefully be no stigma if any child wanted a barbie or princess costume or a GI Jane figurine.
This is a bronie. He is harming nobody by loving My Little Ponies.
- Clothes wouldn't be segregated so I could walk into Autograph with my head held high and try on some plus-size skirts.
- All sport would be open to all with no genital or chromosome checks. Would ditching ladies tennis really bring down our civilization?
- Prisons would be a tough one. Would sexual violence in prisons increase, decrease or stay the same by integration? This would obviously need to be trialed on a small scale first.
Queen Bea Smith would not be kind to someone like me
I have heard and can somewhat sympathise with the usual objections to these ideas. I fully accept that we may not quite be ready. Issues such as reducing the rate of sexual violence and addressing its chronic under-reporting might need to be sorted out first. Also, as with any change, it won't be all positive, but the benefits should outweigh the risks. 
Fortunately for ass-end Queensland in ass-end Australia, we definitely won't be the first to make any of these changes. We'll be able to see how it goes in places like California first and assess whether there is a net benefit to society. My guess is absolutely we should do it, but I will naturally change my mind if the evidence indicates otherwise.
In any case, my hope for the future is to be called, and treated like, a person; not labelled a 'man'. 
Gees these lace panties are squashing me! Where can I buy some with some more scrotum room?
The is a man with a pussy. He is no threat to you. Which bathroom should he use?

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