Friday, 3 July 2015


I'm an animal. You're an 'animal communicator'. Why couldn't we get our discussion on?
Even if I don't believe in it, I was interested in your World-View, and where you draw the line between animals with souls and animals without souls. There is no consensus on this between those that believe in souls. When did animals evolve souls? Fascinating line of query in my opinion...
But the moment I said I was a scientific materialist, this evidently triggered you, because you started talking about all the terrible animal cruelty done in the name of science. I didn't agree with this combative tone and wondered why nice people like you go there and suddenly turn a discussion into a debate about the evils of science.
So what if I don't believe in souls? I could be wrong. It is reasonable to ask reasonable questions, no?
This is what all scientists look like. They will destroy the Universe.
You boasted about also being a Reiki Master, so perhaps you can work on healing your brain delusions that the scientific method is flawed and evil. And also why you felt the need to block me when I was not abusing you or being rude; I'm pretty sure I was being my version of nice. I was merely asking questions about your beliefs. I assumed that you were very knowledgeable in them and wouldn't have a problem answering my reasonable questions.
I'd show you the transcript of our discussions but can't since I was blocked with no warning. These types of conversations go the following ways in my experience:
A - Blocked
B - Abuse from the other party that hopefully I don't join in on...
C - Initial difficulties or misunderstandings are rectified and we move on with some great discussions and it's fine for us to agree to disagree
D - Admission from both parties that none of us have all the answers then some great discussions
There are many skeptics like me that end up refusing to have discussions about unfalsifiable claims. But where's the fun in that? We are all humans and are all wrong about many things. One of the guidelines in the emergence manifesto is: we are all deeply flawed & deluded. It's just an inevitable conclusion by applying critical thinking to our brains. If you don't learn critical thinking, then there's a higher chance you'll fall for scams. No one wants to fall for scams, right?
In order to improve, I demand that others challenge all my crazy ideas! Leave no insanity healing crystal stone unturned! No individual has all the answers and we have a problem if we can't have civil discussions with others that have very different world-views. I do accept that many don't pick up on my absurdist tone. Those with empathy and a good theory of mind don't usually have trouble even over the Internets.
I might be mis-remembering but I think my last words to Elizabeth were: Peace love harmony humility kindness. If anyone reading this ends up blocking or un-friending me or casting the first stone, then I'm sorry we couldn't make a connection, but try and remember these 5 words and have a read of The Emergence manifesto.
In summary, how are my Emergence cyber-love bomb points going? Do I get negative 100 every time someone blocks me? It could take a while to reach my total of 1 billion cyber-love bombs...

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