Saturday, 25 July 2015


Hardly the best thing I've ever read...
The problem word in the quote above is "allow". The positivity movement is malevolent in my opinion because at its core seems to be this idea that we all have a good level of control over our mental states. We don't. The more you look at the science, the more you start to think that we either have zero free will or quite limited free will. 
I'm not talking about the illusion of free will; that is not great evidence! Do you really believe that you had full control over whether you ate a plate of vegetables for dinner or a jumbo bag of peanut M&Ms with a chocolate marshmallow fudge dipping sauce and sprinkles?
Sayings like these might make you feel temporarily better about yourself; but does it come at the price of demonising the most vulnerable? Without being conscious of it, are you kicking your dysfunctional family member while they're down and passed out from self-medicating on pethidine? 
Your unconscious mind might be hiding it from you, but is there a voice somewhere in you saying, "You allowed the iceberg to hit your Titanic, therefore, hey, you kind of deserve to be jobless, homeless, partner-less and pants-less. But I am functional because I chose to slug Jack in his pretty little lips and watch him get dragged down into the blackness while I, Rose, floated on this door, got rescued and made up the whole 'sacrifice' thing."?
Not shown: Rose crushing Jack's skull to save herself

Just look at the cancer that is multi-generational domestic violence and tell me that just because some manage to somehow break out of it, the losers in life 'choose' to copy the dynamics of their parents. Help people that are down. Nobody chooses to be born as a crack baby, unless of course you believe in karma and reincarnation and that's a whole other level of special pleading to convince yourself that the Universe actually gives a fark.
So, when I run out of money and show up on your doorstep smelling of a hearty mix of cat excreta, at least try to get me some help rather than go and grab your Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle and preach to me that I've done this to myself and 'deserve' to be homeless. And in the meantime, how about doing something useful with your life rather than reading memes on the Internet that seemingly justify your worthless existence?

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