Thursday, 23 July 2015


So kinesiology is a legitimate science and is also known as human kinetics or human movement. Applied kinesiology, however, bears about as much relation to medical science as I bear a relation to the puddle left over after an intense reverse-bukkake session. (Don't Google if you haven't heard this term. Trust me, you don't want to know)
This is not reverse-bukkake...
But it gets worse, because the prop-magician applied kinesiology practitioners call themselves kinesiologists (omitting the applied part). 

So let's do a test. Is Kerry Rowett a kinesiologist or an applied kinesiologist? I know it's really tough but think very hard and the subtle clues are there... (I think I'm very sarcastic. Not sure.)

Image not used by permission. See my Etsy shop for DIY critical thinking kit...
Apologies: Another nasty post attacking someone who sounds lovely. Sorry Kerry; I'm calling out your magical thinking. You are probably a great therapist and I'm a sort-of female entrepreneur so you would likely help me but maybe ditch the woo?

Created by a man I'm guessing...

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