Saturday, 25 July 2015


I love being a sub with my Google dom!
This 'Google deciding what facts are' idea feels a bit like Big Brother courtesy of Google rather than Endemol.
These 6 members of Big Brother secretly rule the World and Ben is the Kingpin
I agree with their aim in principle but how is it going to work for 'facts' that aren't falsifiable? Perhaps the thinking is that anything science-based will be way more consistent than the anti-science stuff on the same topic; the Apollo moon missions for example. 
But there is way more to Googling than just looking up facts like whether there are any health benefits of chocolate milk enemas. What about satire like the Onion or humorous presentations like Cracked? Deliberately not fact-based and if the Google brain tries to find consistency with the science, then, what, no more satire? Unless typing in keywords like 'funny' into the search engine disengages the fact-checking lobe?
How does Google fact check this Onion headline?
This media release by Google may just be trying to smoke out the competition to see what they're up to. If Google haven't been able to make it work yet, then maybe they can poach someone who can. Or they could be trying to force their adversaries to release what they've been up to in the same space. Anyone got Bing Brain?
I love the idea that Google has a secret knowledge database. This is Blofeld kind of stuff; but who is our James Bond to go in, sleep with all the women with unconvincing foreign accents, and check them out to make sure that they aren't secretly a doomsday cult playing the long game? Forget Armageddon! I want to see a movie where Google holds the whole world to ransom and will shut down their services with a secretly embedded 'kill-switch' code if their demands aren't met (Actually, this was my fantasy version of 'The Internship' movie). 
I'm trying to convince the Google overlords to produce my script for the sequel
Knowing Google, however, they would still be trying to do what they perceive is 'good', and want to establish a benevolent Global dictatorship. Actually, I think they've already pretty much achieved this without resorting to my outdated, Austen-Powers-parodied concept of world domination.
Lastly, as long as it annoys post-modernists, that don't believe in absolute Truth or facts, it will be fun. And if it just gets the most dangerous stuff voted down like anti-vaccination propaganda, they might make the world a slightly better place. We love you Google!

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