Thursday, 23 July 2015


All Hail Galacto!
This is not a stellar smiley emoticon. Curse my human brain for seeing a face and ascribing to it a personality and an origin story and magical powers and a character arc.
Paradolia: easily my favourite cognitive distortion
It is, of course, an exquisite example of gravitational lensing. The phenomenon behaves like a natural telescope where instead of a glass lens bending light and magnifying an image, light is bent and magnified by the gravity from galaxy clusters and dark matter.
This effect is a consequence of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity and was predicted in around 1937. It wasn't, however, confirmed by observation until 1979, long after Einstein's death.
All that science-babble aside, darn it looks like a smiley face! I've called him Galacto. He is a happy-go-lucky giant space being who...
Google image search 'pareidolia' for lots more fun

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