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An actual scientist called Peter God-particle
Random internet comment that I can't help but laugh at: (apologies to the author for my nastiness)
"Well after all these years failing to disprove the existence of a Creator, we became arrogant and have decided to substitute the Creator with a different name called the "Hadron" particle. So now we are once again trying to prove the hadron particle to be true. This particle would carry the same attributes as the Creator but we'll call it with a different name. Because we are arrogant and do not wish to identify reality for what it is."

Some people are definitely arrogant. I would say that anyone that believes something with 100% certainty is arrogant (other than cogito ergo sum), but that's just me. Others aren't even certain of this...
That's de facto atheist to you, slogan!
Sorry, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what you call the Hadron particle. The fact that you are not even calling it the Higgs Boson is a worry. It was called 'the God particle' likely as a little dig at believers. So it's very amusing to me, sorry, that this has been twisted into 'scientists are arrogant and think that the Hadron particle is God'.
Scientists do not think that the Higgs Boson is God ffs!
Some scientists are arrogant, sure, but most are extremely humble and conservative about their own ideas; yet enjoy tearing other scientists a new one when they peer review. This is the scientific method and it takes no magical thinking prisoners. And yes, some scientists lack diplomatic skills; which really gets on other people's nerves yet makes me cheer when they tell it like it is. 
I love Dawkins as a scientist and intellectual; but as a personality not as much. He does come off as a bit arrogant at times I think, which is a shame because he might do more good if he were just a bit nicer during debates. But don't get me wrong; I'm a massive Dawkins fanboy and have posters of him on every wall of my house.
So, to the commenter, can I ask you to at least read the Wikipedia page summary on something before making a comment. Or don't and make me laugh with your brash and ignorant ignorance.

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