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If you have an answer to the question of why it's worth attempting to triumph over adversity, please comment below. Thanks :)

As well as sitting here with a toilet paper nun's habit on my head, I'm trying to compile a wide range of views for the last chapter of my book about my nihilistic obsession with the greatest Wheel of Fortune co-host called: Vanna White: What's the frigging point when I don't even turn the frigging letters anymore?

Disclaimer & Apologies

Speak no Dave. See no Dave. Hear no Dave.
My thoughts on this topic will be filtered through my depression lobe so probably won't be too uplifting but what are you gonna do? This is not a rhetorical question. What are YOU going to do? If you think you can edit this finger banging jumble of symbols into something worth reading, then please get in touch!

I'm deeply sorry about how Benji Madden-ly long this article got. Don't read it; I implore you. I might Bed Periscope a 5 minute version as I know how much everyone loves my high-energy inspirational presentational Muppet-ational style...

I make no claims on Truth and try to remain open to changing my mind; but I accept that I may have locked myself into justifying my current inability to work in order to soothe my brain. This mindset may also ironically make it very difficult to climb up the depression spiral ladder abyss hole; smothered by a comforting Blanket Jackson. This doesn't make any sense. So don't integrate anything I have to say because mental illness is contagious! Run away!!!

"Running away will make you free" Kenny Loggins mis-quote.
Would you prefer to have Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain or Bill Cosby as your father?

A positive, kind new age spiritualist and Batman walk into a séance...

Trudi: "Why not attempt to triumph over adversity? The way I see it is there are two sides to this. 1. yes when bad things happen we can accept its fate and allow them to either affect our stability or not."

Dave: I don't think we have full control over how adversity will affect our stability. It's not a mostly inconsequential and easy 'choice' like whether to watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or The Baby Bachelor. A certain percentage of individuals will crumble under adversity and I think it's best to comfort them rather than victim-blame them. Do we really think that on some level they have allowed this to happen to them and somehow made a choice to be miserable? 

I totally love wallowing in misery by listening to the Starlight Express soundtrack on repeat, but most don't.

Trudi: "We can adopt the attitude that everything happens for a reason and that reason is to learn and to grow from the experience."

Dave: This is a comforting probable delusion for lots of people, but not me. In the Universe, it appears that shyte just happens; some good and some bad; and that consciousness is likely just an accident rather than a certainty. As 'Scary Spice' Connor knifed on the picnic table "No Fate." 

Spiritual growth is mostly a construct to convince ourselves that we are constantly leveling up in the RPG of life. Sure, life can still be full of joy and hope and sugar and spice once we reach the level cap, but some of us will be force-fed our internal snails and external puppy dogs' asses. I prefer to think in terms of change rather than growth.

This was right before she tried to murder a mad & evil scientist for being not at all evil & mad
Trudi: "2. we have the power to change our life and make it which we wish it to be."

Dave: To an extent I'd agree but we should support and help those that can't do this without any victim blaming or demonisation.

Trudi: "The shame of it is most people do not believe in their own power the power of their thoughts and wishes and desires to come true and to manifest into reality they do not have this faith in themselves they think they are helpless and victims of fate. The truth is the mind is a tremendously powerful tool and our focused intent provides the fuel."

Dave: I would agree to some extent but we need to be very careful that we're not victim blaming. Being born a poor crack baby is very different to my privileged upbringing where I was fed only the best crack that boosted my immune system. But absolutely some people do and can change to an extent and then help others. As long as we keep the thinking 'pulling up' rather than 'pushing down'. The language of the self-help new age movement to me often seems like I'm being blamed for not trying hard enough.

Trudi: "The physical body is the final instrument of all the other planes, the end result as it were, and it is of this fact that we do not know how to take full advantage of! It is on the physical plane that we can reap the advantage of things started on the inner planes and can enjoy them fully.

One of the Occult teachings regarding the planes is that a man cannot take fullest advantage of any one plane until he has gained some knowledge, and CONTROL, of the plane above that one – we cannot fully use any one plane until we have some power on the plane above it.

Another thing you should acquire is that you should be able to explore and map out the inner planes, or rather set up your own paths thru these inner planes as there is nothing there now."

My control over my inner planes
Dave: Whether big T True or little t true or not T&A true, some would agree with this general idea while others not. This, to me, is part of in-group / out-group jargon displayed by pretty much all ideologies; even people from something seemingly innocuous yet fabulous like the Salsa dancing scene do the same thing to keep me out.

Human flourishing should be possible no matter what mostly harmless unfalsifiable claims are added on top. Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Bad Religion fan club member. All these people should be able to lead reasonably happy lives without having to even know about other ideologies. And if my brain adds no extra planes to existence, then some level of 'happiness' should still be possible for me. Remember that I don't think I'm fully in control of what I believe in anyway. Humans will be way better off if we keep reminding ourselves about what we have in common rather than the fact that others believe in fairy godmothers while I believe in Marlon Brando godfathers...

Trudi: " This physical world is the tail end of a number of other “worlds” as you know and the CAUSES OF THE END RESULTS on this plane are in those inner planes. When you know how to penetrate them and study the causes of coming events you can alter those events somewhat depending on your power to do so. These things are not trivial believe me and their acquirement will give you a sense of power and peace that will go a long way to make up for what you may have suffered in this past mixed-up life."

Dave: Again, if these ideas help you in your Semi-Charmed Life and harm no one, great. To me, a sense of peace should be possible by thinking about nothing. No gods, no dimensions, no quantum foam; just calming the brain and trying to minimise the harmful delusions rattling around our heads. If others need to add on harmless probable fantasies in order to achieve this, then that's fine.

Trudi: "The most important thing, that can be achieved, is to learn, in a positive way, how to contact your Inner Powers, or Forces, or whatever name you feel like giving them and, which is still more important of all, learn how to USE your Inner Powers in a positive manner. You have them, you know, but as long as you do not use them, by being ignorant of them, they stand there, doing nothing to protect you, while you suffer the “slings and arrows of outrageous

Dave: I'm a negative person by nature. It's like Batman's Joker is constantly cracking wise that I'm no darn good and that hurting others will make me feel better. I mostly compensate for this but I've been like this my whole adult life. Some might just label this as a metaphor for depression and perhaps that's exactly what it is but it could also be just part of my core personality. 

Again, ignorant people can flourish without caring about any of the stuff we're talking about. I've written before about my happy bogan model.

I, of course, am not a happy bogan and need to justify my own existence in a convoluted quasi-philosophical way to protect my ego. I'll claim that I'm trying my best and unable at the moment to engage my inner goddess powers as much as I'd like to. I have been a bit mean about my mother publicly but she's doing the best she can too. I seriously don't believe that she has the ability to act like a supportive mother to me. And just like Candy and Tori Spelling, the only answer is to minimise the harm and try to deal with Tatum O'Neal when she crashes the party.

Trudi: "You are incarnated in a physical body for the purpose of learning how to conquer matter – (thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven) – and if you do not start to learn how to conquer matter you will have to come back time and time again, over and over, until you do learn this lesson to overcome the illusion of matter."

Dave: It would be cool if this were true but what do I do if I can't believe it? I have no memory of past lives and am not convinced by all the evidence that I am the reincarnation of Joan Rivers & Hop-Frog. I don't even believe in a Hey Soul Sister! So yes, the Universe for me is a lot more bleak without the band Train. But I still should be able to do something useful with my life. And if I'm wrong, that's cool too, but this shouldn't hinder me from engaging as positively with JW and Mormon door knockers as I am able. Does that make any sense?

Trudi: "Actually you know all this unconsciously and instinctively, deep down inside of you, but there is so much confusion in this life about what our aims are really supposed to be, due to the petty distractions of everyday living, and a deep outer ignorance of fundamental facts about the occult significance of physical life, that it is very hard for the ordinary person, until he begins to study the occult, to find out what the exact goal of living should be, and to get some idea of what the exact process should be to achieve this goal."

Dave: I enjoy many of the petty life distractions like Facebook, Tweets complaining about Facebook, Instagram photos of cats trolling the dogs of Facebook, rich hippie posers boasting about living off the grid on Facebook while burning coal to produce the electricity to boast about their delusions of living off the grid, Tumblr posts moaning about how the idiots have taken over Facebook, S&M Lego Facebook groups, 6 second Vines showing Facebook trolling keyboard warrior World Record attempts, Facebook posts quoting lines from The Social Network, Periscope live streams of me reading out my World famous Facebook posts about Bronies, the sexy witches of Facebook, Pinterest boards collecting the best abusive Facebook comments directed at me, Ashley Madison forums dedicated to tips on how to be an anonymous catfish on Facebook, Blogger blog posts about Mark Zuckerberg's dog Beast, the extremist anti-vaccers of Facebook who want the 'weak' children to die, the Unicorns of Facebook who are waging wars on boring brown vanilla horses, ironic posts against capitalism on Facebook tapped out from Apple smartphones, and laughing at poor people who can't afford Facebook.
This got me to the 5000 friend limit in 12 hours
Most big World Views claim to provide some meaning to the lives of their adherents. These World Views usually contradict on major things. They can't possibly all be correct even for the foolish Post-Modernist, right? But they can give people comfort and don't need to be True.

For me, the goal is Peace, Love & Harmony through Humility, Kindness, Technology & Humour. This is compatible with all moderates and it's only the fundamentalists and extremists that get uppity really about all of humanity coming together as one. But one could definitely ask why this is a worthy goal for an absurdist de facto atheist like me! Why should I care when I don't think that the Universe has any grand meaning at all? It's a good question and one that I should be able to answer without needing to add on unfalsifiable claims or using a single reference to Star Wars or Star Trek. 

I want humanity to evolve into something better: a new emergent property that some call the singularity but I call the tech hive mind. Why bother with this futuristic possible fantasy? Because it's sci-fi cool, it should reduce human suffering and it is the only chance we've got in my opinion of breaking away from our current Universe that will eventually give in to entropy. If this sounds similar to you to New Age fluff stuff, then it makes sense to me that many people have similar goals but are walking different paths. 

I think that the old religions and spiritual movements have had their chance and not brought about the new age. If it hasn't happened already, it won't no matter how much wishful thinking the various adherents have to their favourite flavour of ice cream deity. Even the peppermint choc-chip ice-cream monster hasn't managed to bring humanity together and reduce IBS symptoms.

So Lucas sells the franchise to Disney in the hope that they don't Jar Jar Binks it up too
Science & Technology is the only thing that is advancing I think. That's the biggest difference for me and why I am a scientific materialist to the core. Even better is that none of us have to believe in anything to make this happen. We're all along for the ride whether we like it or not. Have I justified my World View and explained why I sort of bother to attempt to triumph over my current adversity? Probably not. But the future will happen whether I'm living in a tent or a deluxe G-pod storage container or a padded cell with Geoffrey 'no fate' Connor or inside my fantasy Ball World where I've cut myself off from the rest of the Universe.

Trudi: "A start has to be made somewhere to learn about the other bodies you possess, and to learn how to use them. To learn how to transfer your consciousness, from the physical body to these other bodies at will, is just about the best and most pleasant rewarding type of growth that you could find to advance along the path leading to Illumination. These powers can come only with use and not by talking about them."

Dave: Whether this is reality or fantasy doesn't really matter as no harm is done either way. If my consciousness is locked inside my brain, then so be it. Technological advances could actually unlock for all what the Spiritualists claim they can currently achieve. As Olivier Newton John sang, in her song 'Culture Shock', about the singularity: "it's the only hope we've got."

Trudi: "For example to be more specific – can you set or lie down and bring up images of persons or things into your mind mirror? Can you see, perhaps dimly, these figures and shapes? Can you then use your will-imagination to move them about and place them in different positions and make them do different things? Everyone can do this to some extent. Do you know what these images really are? These images are Etheric-Astral matter images and you are seeing them with the third eye. The single eye mentioned in the bible."

Dave: Etheric-Astral Platonic matter images they could be sure. I'll stick with the materialistic explanation until such time as I'm convinced by any evidence to the contrary. Again, whether this claim is True or Not shouldn't make a difference to whether we can lead flourishing lives. The Fast & Furious movies are just as entertaining either way.

Trudi: "As I said we all have this power, in some degree, and it only remains to give it careful attention to develop it and thus double your abilities and talents to be able to handle life’s tough problems. Do you want to have less?"

I get sent this stuff and I feel guilty because I'm not impressed or awe-struck...


Building mental resilience or toughness seems to be talked about a lot at the moment and I think this is great. But some people will be crushed temporarily or even permanently by adversity and we currently have no way to fix them all. As I've said before, if you are functional, then it is your responsibility to help out those who are struggling. If you know 5 people, about 1 will be having major mental troubles for whatever reason this year and just being there and supporting them through this can help a lot. No Judgment Day. No Machine Gun Preaching. No The Secret self-help BS positivity especially if you're talking with me. Just kind & humble human interaction. This is what I enjoy the most about my online interactions. That and getting abused by extremists to fulfill my masochistic quota...

Say yes to bene-violently trolling extremists in the name of World Peace
So can I summarise any of this? The Universe likely just is. Donald Trump's Miss Universe doesn't seem to care about you or me or even Oprah's best super-friend Gayle. There are probably no deities or higher dimensions of existence. We are all alone like ET with the burden of consciousness and the cutest Drew Barrymore. It's just us and it just is. We puny & deluded humans are merely trying to work out what we can do with our lives to give us our own meaning and work together to improve humanity.

Find some meaning to your life. It could be a harmless delusion or deluxe tin-foil suite of delusions. Use this to flourish as best you can. When the pus storms hit, ride the phlegm waves, punch the great green discharge sharks and ask for help. Then make sure to help others when they are getting pus pooped on by the random absurdity of life and the nastiness of their mother complexes.

In conclusion:

Don't take my advice on anything as I'm a life drop-out and widely regarded as spiritual garbage... Remember that humour serves no purpose in our multi-dimensional super-string computer powered simulation.

Successful guy gloating about not having depression

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