Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hey A2 milk, threatening to sue Our Aunty (Australia's public broadcaster) really shows you to be the scamming milk maids you are so close to being!

(and why don't you use some of your milk money to fix your crappy website)

Leave ABC alone! If your science is tight, then why would you care about The Checkout giving their reasonable opinion that your milk is over-priced and no healthier for you than regular milk?

But holy cow, your science is very mixed BS (or CS really). Anyone with any training in how to pull the leather over people's eyes can see your ads and marketing for what they are. Trumped up claims preying on parent's concerns about their kids digestion.
So the milk recipe is: 

1) Start with preliminary science nowhere near consensus.
2) Release a product to try and be ahead of the curve while you wait for the science to be tightened up. (except it may not be) 
3) If you've successfully hacked our flawed brains, our confirmation bias and tendency to confuse correlation with causation will make some believe that your product works and anecdotal evidence will convince you even more fervently that it totally 100% works with your loyal cult-like followers who believe in your product. 
4) And suddenly you have a business to protect from the 'evil people' and you can't back down for fear of losing the mortgage on the milking sheds.

Do you think you're the first 'likely to be BS' business model to do all this? There is a similar pattern with Chiropractic associations who sue skeptics with no money just to shut them up.

Photo: A2 CEO Geoffrey Babidge

Are you going to threaten to sue everyone who doesn't agree with your business model based on unethical but not illegal trickery? Can I expect a letter from your ambulance chasers as well? (I know I'm a small target but I can dream... Maybe I need to give all my assets to my wife or something in case some coward shamsters do decide at some point in the future that I'm worthy enough to be threatened)

If people want to buy your milk and you make no outrageous health claims, knock yourself out. But don't sue our public broadcaster. I don't really understand what you could possibly gain unless you all have extremism spectrum disorder and feel you must protect your ideology and business model at all costs.

You won't shut up the ABC. I'm going to use an argument from popularity, but far more people care about keeping the ABC than your milk infused with special snakecow oil.

Go and milk yourselves instead of taking us all for a cow ride around the pasture then milking us for money....

Photo: A2 Chairman David Hearn

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