Tuesday, 29 September 2015


I'm relieved/annoyed that I frightened off my katana-wielding frienemy, whom I probably should have blocked early on for spamming about psychedelic space mushrooms and just generally being one of the most difficult humans I've ever come across. How can I maintain a relationship with someone who doesn't even think they are human and calls me 'spiritual garbage'?

Is this my soul?
The rules of interaction were more than a little challenging for me to comply with. I called him 'bro' in our last chat and that didn't go well. Was I deliberately winding him up? Yes, but I call people 'bro' all the time and if that causes issues then what can I do? I stated that I'm happy to have keyboard warrior duels if he can be a tad nicer.

As he's written off all of humanity and doesn't believe that one should communicate non-telepathetically using English, what can I do? When I asked him why he uses Facebook, when it appears to be completely incompatible with his world-view, he answered because he wants to. I was hoping for something a bit more enlightened from an immortal being who claims to communicate with other-worldly beings such as Greys and Rigellians.

This ET tells me to wipe out humanity to clear Earth for his plastic invasion
The primary reason that he unfriended me was that I censored two of his comments on my Facebook threads. In the first, he called people 'cretins'; in the second he recommended giving illegal psychedelic substances to a child. I stated why I believed they were inappropriate. Just these two small censorships caused his persecution complex lobe to explode. I can see why diplomacy with extremists can be almost impossible; like working with Jeremy Clarkson.

But let's face it: he didn't laugh at or even understand my lame jokes, so it was never going to work out. I'm not optimistic, but I do hope he manages to eke out some kind of flourishing life.

Google says this is what a flourishing life looks like
Did engaging with him for a few days help, hinder or make no difference to his disposition? I would say no difference. True extremism seems to be a dysfunctional brain that probably cannot be mended without a heck of a lot of water-boarding by mental health professionals. Where do you even start with someone completely miserable and highly delusional that wants no therapy? Our current culture of individualism seems to say leave them be and it's their choice to destroy their lives. I'm just not comfortable with that but I don't want to lock people up either unless they are likely to harm themselves or others.

What's the take-home from all this for the majority of humanity who try to be moderates? Immunize yourself against extremism. Basically:

- Accept that we are all wrong about lots of things

- Question everything but don't deny the power of the scientific method and critical thinking

- Don't demonise anyone; not even Rebecca Black

- Be kind and don't play dirty unless it's consensual

- Find something that makes you laugh

I rate myself 50.1% successful at extremism immunization so I barely pass. If you rate yourself at higher than 80%, then ask your favourite skeptic if they agree and be upfront about your belief in hyperdimensional colonic colour physics.

This is my colon and clearly proves my psychic abilities

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